Asphalt Paving

So, what is it that we do?

What we offer

Watson Contracting, Inc. is equipped to complete large and small paving projects including, but not limited to: new asphalt, patch jobs, pavement maintenance and grading.  We have paved large commercial projects, DOT highway projects as well as private driveways. So no job is too big or too small for our crews.  If you have any questions regarding what Watson Contracting can do for you, please contact us!

Are you unsure if Watson Contracting does the kind of work you need?

Watson Contracting does more than just asphalt paving. If you need your site prepared before any paving can be done we can help.  Watson Contracting has a full service site prep crew that can make your vision a reality. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you!

Are you Ready to Pave?

When you are ready to pave, our expertly trained crews will provide you with unparalleled service and only the best quality work. Our state of the art equipment will ensure your job will look better and last longer. Project sizes vary and we have the equipment to accommodate commercial, industrial, and residential jobs.


We are always working to improve our quality of service as well as our product. When the industry has a breakthrough in technology or equipment or asphalt, we test and implement if it meets our standards. At Watson Contracting, we make sure that we are delivering the best the industry has to offer.

Ready to start your paving project?