Highway Construction

Strong and efficient infrastructure is the very foundation of our communities and this nation. At Watson Contracting, we take pride in the fact that we build roads, highways and bridges that will serve this country for generations. And that’s why it’s important to choose a heavy civil construction company that delivers certainty in four critical areas: schedule, cost, quality and safety. When it comes to heavy highway construction and building our nation’s infrastructure, these are our only goals.

Dramatic population growth in many areas has increased demand for new transportation infrastructure. These important heavy civil construction projects ensure our country remains a leader in economic vitality, job creation and quality of life — something that can’t happen if people are constantly stuck in traffic.

Our experience includes new-lane capacity projects as well as building, widening, repairing and repaving our aging roadways, bridges and utility systems. As your heavy civil construction partner, we focus on limiting disruption to the traveling public and re-opening roadways to full traffic as quickly as possible.

While we have years of experience in civil construction, your team understands your unique project and community, so we’re committed to working together to find the best solution.

Heavy Civil Construction & Transportation Expertise

  • Prime Contractor for highways and roadway construction
  • Excavation for Bridge construction & rehabilitation
  • Utilities
  • Private road and subdivision excavation
  • Asphalt paving
  • Earthwork
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